Stationery Policy

LetterBot Stationery

Our standard stationery specification is Conqueror Cream Laid writing paper, card and envelopes. We use this in most formats that we write in. We are not printers, however we do offer a basic printing service for colour logos, company contact details and black font printed letters, predominately to mitigate against letterhead needing to be unnecessarily shipped to us. 


Client Stationery 

We also welcome clients to supply their own stationery should they wish to do so, including brochures, inserts and other merchandise. In principle our robots can write on any flat surface that a fountain pen can write on, up to the size of an A4. If you are unsure whether LetterBot will be able to write on your stationery, please send us a sample and we will test it in advance of your order.  Our address is: Unit 7 Birch, Kembrey Park, Swindon, SN2 8UU 


Bulk Orders 

We ask that you supply between 3-6% surplus stationery to provision for loss in the writing process. At the time of placing your order you will be asked to confirm whether you want surplus stationery returned to you, or for it to be disposed of on completion of the order.  If you wish it to be returned, the shipping cost will be included on the sales order for payment before writing begins.  In the event that it is anticipated a repeat order will follow, please see procedures for Repeat Orders below.


Repeat Orders

We are happy to keep a limited stock of client stationery in instances where an imminent repeat order is anticipated to follow. This includes API orders.  Storage space is allocated in containers each of which has a capacity to safely hold c. 150 DL envelopes and 150 letterheads, or an equivalent of other merchandise (e.g. brochures and other inserts).  To take advantage of this service, you need to be placing orders in excess of £100 a month, and in the event that you are a reseller, this rule applies per individual client on your orderbook.  For clients with smaller volume requirements, we can offer our logo printing service as detailed above on an as required basis. 


Unused Stationery

If stationery stored with us has been unused after a period of three months, it will be disposed of by default unless you contact us beforehand. Perishable merchandise (e.g. chocolates) will be disposed of immediately on reaching their best before date.  Whilst we want to do everything we can to make stationery management as easy for our clients as possible, we trust that you will appreciate we do need to be practical in how we utilise the storage space that we have in our fulfilment centre.


Published 1st July 2021