LetterBot - A Look At What We Do

Over the past few months we have received a number of enquiries, not just about our products, but about what happens behind the scenes at LetterBot. After all, it’s not everyday you see a robot able to replicate human handwriting! So, we’ve put together this Q&A article with the help of the LetterBot team, to give you better insight into how it all works. Read on to get a closer look at a typical day at LetterBot.

Before we dive into the details, can you explain to our readers what a robotic handwritten note is?

Yes, of course . . . . a robotically handwritten note is exactly what is says it is!  Our robots hold traditional Parker fountain pens in their hands and write letters, cards and envelopes just like a person would.  The pen strokes follow exactly the same movements and rhythms of the living human being who’s handwriting we have copied, the end result is handwritten correspondence that includes all the enchanting imperfections that human handwriting has.

What happens in a typical day at LetterBot?

Most days at LetterBot will begin with us setting up the robots for the bulk writing runs on the writing plan that day.  This involves filling the fountain pens with bottled ink, and putting the robots to work writing letters, cards and envelopes.  We will answer customer enquiries from agencies, brands and other resellers many of which are for forthcoming projects that we will be working on.  For some newly recruited customers, we need to spend some time explaining to them that robotic handwriting is not print, but handwriting that adds a personal touch to anyone wishing to run a campaign.  

Why use a robot instead of hiring humans?

Various reasons actually, but the main one is that robots don’t eat or sleep!  This enables us to write letters, cards and envelopes at speeds, volumes and prices never possible before, way more efficiently than humans could ever achieve.  Few doubt the extraordinarily powerful results of handwritten direct mail, however even fewer would be able to sustain the tenacity and determination of writing 1,000’s of letters a day.
Does the robot make any mistakes?

No, our robots write exactly what they have been told to.  If there is an error in the copy they are given from the client (text miss-typed into a Microsoft Word or Excel document for example), that will be copied as written by the robots, but this would not be a mistake by them.  We do however have stringent quality control processes in place to mitigate against any other risks in the process, such as checking written text is fitting comfortably on the page for example.

How does the robotic hand actually work?

I have always found it easiest way to visualise how our robotic hands work by comparing them to organ functions in the human body:  The brain of the robot is the artificial intelligence that masterminds how and what the robots write.  The heartbeat is provided by small electric motors that power the robots with energy.  The muscular dexterity comes from the moving parts of the hand.

What’s next for LetterBot? Where will LetterBot be in 5 years time?

We cannot say with certainty where we will be in 5 years. However, we are aiming to cement our position as the international robotic writing house and as the provider of choice for creative personalised hand-written material.  We are also constantly working on improving technology, and part of this is inspired by your feedback as our customer. Our aim is to help you create the best campaigns and this is accomplished by us spending time to come up with new product offerings involving handwriting.

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