Getting Started

How To Start Using Our Service

1. Place an order for a desired product. If unsure, please get in touch with us.

2. We will provide you with a secure location where you can upload your content and recipients list.

3. We will write your sample and email you a photograph. Once you confirm you are happy, we will proceed with your order and dispatch it as soon as it is completed.

Sending more than 200 letters per month? Get in touch to for up to 15% discount code to use during checkout.

Preparing Your Template

So that you can assess how writing will fit on a page, please use the follow parameters in your Word document:

  • Use Arial regular font with size 18

  • Set the paragraph spacing to '20pt' after paragraph and line spacing to 'Exactly' '30pt':

  • Set the page margins to match your letterhead, taking into consideration the space required for your logo and a footer


We have prepared a Word template that you can use with these settings.

When preparing your template please keep in mind a couple of hints:

  • Do not use bold, italic or underlined text. Please remember all formatting is lost when the content is handwritten.
  • Avoid writing complete words in upper case, as this tends to make the finished letter look untidy.