The science behind handwritten notes

Have you ever received a handwritten note from a client or business? If you have, the chances are it wasn’t recently. After all, hand writing can be a marathon task, and with recent technological advances, it’s as easy for you to send 1,000 emails as it is to send one. So why would anyone waste their time writing out a letter, let alone letters in bulk? 

Ironically, what feels like a pain for you, is seen as a much appreciated gesture by your clients. They know that letter writing is time consuming, and will feel impressed that you have spent so much energy reaching out to them.  But here’s the secret. You’re not actually going to write the letter.

The history of handwritten notes


Humans have been sending handwritten notes to one another for thousands of years. With the earliest being sent as far back as 500 BC by the Persian Queen Atossa. As civilisation developed, more and more people began sending letters all across the world, helping us to communicate and become closer with one another. But at a certain point, faster methods such as electronic communication and printed letters took over. Now, research carried out by Pen Heaven suggests that 64% of people will go at least a year without writing a single handwritten note. On the other hand, over half of the entire world regularly send emails.

Though this may be true, 69% of people revealed that they would rather receive a handwritten note than any form of modern communication. So, clearly there is a desire for the effort and care that a handwritten note implies. Even if people are rarely prepared to actually sit down and write the letter.

Why do we love handwritten notes?


When it comes to handwritten notes, it’s not only the effort that we appreciate. Psychologically, we just love handwriting. There’s something tangible and real about letters that really grabs our attention. Where we might ignore a countless stream of emails, tweets or phone calls, letters warrant being opened at the very least. This is even more true when the letter is handwritten. With each word you can feel where the writer worked hard to create it.

What’s more, our brains are attuned to notice things that are different. In a stack of 10 or so letters, the one with beautiful cursive handwriting will stand out like a needle in a haystack. If you’re trying to get noticed or to grab the attention of a client, it’s the perfect way to do so.

What does LetterBot do differently?


Knowing how valuable handwritten notes are, you may be ready to put pen to paper yourself. But there’s a better way to reach your clients with elegant handwritten notes. At LetterBot, we can produce bulk quantities of error free handwritten letters. The special ingredient are our handwriting robots that take your cleverly worded letters and takes care of the actual writing for you. Leaving you free with more time to build your relationships with clients and engage with your customers.

Order a free sample letter from LetterBot today in order to see for yourself the premium quality of handwritten notes.