Why Bulky Mail Is Such An Effective Marketing Strategy

Are you familiar with bulky mail? If not, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity!

We all know how much “junk” mail gets thrown out. Bulky mail makes sure that your mailings aren’t part of that pile.

What is bulky mail?

Put simply, it means bulking up the envelope a bit.

When customers get a flat envelope with a company’s name on it, they’ll assume it’s marketing of some form and, more often than not, toss it without even opening it.

However, if the mail appears to be something more than a simple letter or flyer, it’s instantly more interesting.

Bulky Mail Ideas

So what could you include in your bulky mail to entice your prospect to open it? 

Ideas could include:

  • A sample of your product
  • A small gift item that aligns with what you’re communicating
  • An object that conveys a call to action
  • A handwritten letter on thicker than normal paper or a greeting card

As long as the envelope has a little more heft to it than usual, it’s bulky mail. The only trick is making sure it fits your message, so that the customer isn’t left confused or disappointed by what they’ve received. Bulky mail should leave them satisfied, excited, and wanting more information.

When the average person sorts through their mail, they’re quickly looking for anything important or interesting. Most marketing mail is a simple letter or flyer, which is flat and easily identifiable, so it immediately gets sorted into that dreaded “junk” pile.

Using bulky mail nearly guarantees that your mailings will be opened by the customer. In fact, testing has shown that bulky mail has almost a 100% open rate. Even if the envelope still appears to be marketing, the additional weight or unusual shape of the mail will intrigue them.

They’ll wonder what’s inside and open it immediately, especially since we all have that desire to open interesting mail or surprise packages. Extend the impact by making sure your envelope or package is addressed directly to the customer (no “current resident” or “valued customer” messages), and that it stands out somehow from other marketing materials. For a really personal touch, you might even want to consider handwriting the addresses.

Bulky Mail Leaves An Impact On Your Customer

Even after the customer has opened your mailing, they’ll be impressed by how unique it is and the personal touches that went into it. When comparing bulky mail to typical mail marketing, bulky mail generates vastly more leads. Your mail will leave an impact on the customer – they won’t forget your company, and they’ll be much more inclined to contact you for their needs. You can up this impact even more by making the bulk a useful item with your branding on it, such as a calendar or notepad – something the customer will use often and therefore see your company often.

Next Steps

If you think that your mailings might be ending up in the “junk” pile more than not, try sending bulky mail. This simple yet effective marketing technique will make sure that your mail will stand out among many others and leave your contacts with a more profound impression of your company.

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