Why your clients will appreciate seasonal handwritten notes


With Christmas, New Years and a host of other seasonal holidays just around the corner, we want to share with you some of the ways you can make the most of the opportunities these events can present. There’s no doubt that as the temperatures begin to drop, festivities and Christmas cheer start to rise. And with this comes a wealth of positive experiences, many of which you can align with your business activities and goals.

The holidays present all manner of opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Seasonal traditions motivate consumers to increase their spending and spread more awareness about products and trends. In fact, Christmas alone is responsible for a 10% increase in consumer spending.

As we glide through the holiday seasons, your clients are most likely doing one of two things. They could be winding down and preparing to spend the holiday season with their friends and family. Or, they are pulling their socks up and getting hyped up for the seasonal rush that many businesses face.

Whichever way they go, their email inboxes are bound to be inundated. They are up against gruelling deadlines and trying to secure sales ahead of the next big holiday event. The consequence? They’re a lot less likely to open your marketing emails or strike up a new business deal with you.

But this doesn’t mean that you are without options, you simply must stand out, more now than ever.

Handwritten notes can help.

Handwritten notes are a blast from the past, a personal touch and something a little different – all in one envelope.

Whatever your message, a personal handwritten note stands strong against any email, even one with a quirky subject line. In an age where email inboxes are full to the brim with you and your competitors vying for attention, it’s important that you take the time to be different. Your clients will appreciate the effort that you took in delivering a handwritten note to them. They will instinctively see you as a professional who puts thought into their communications and their work.

Which Seasons Require a Handwritten Note?

Christmas is the ideal time to send a handwritten note. It will remind your clients of the warmth of the festive period, especially if you select an envelope that’s fitting with the festive spirit. For the best results, you should appear friendly and personal amongst a snowstorm of sales pitches printed on standard letterhead paper.

Saying that, handwritten notes are great for any season. You can follow up on Christmas with bespoke New Year’s direct mail. This will certainly put you at the forefront of your clients’ minds as they move into the new year with brand new business plans and an oomph of energy.

Valentines, Easter, Eid and Diwali can follow. In fact, you can present your clients with personal handwritten letters on any occasion! For example, if it’s sporting season and England are doing particularly well in rugby, tennis or football, there’s no reason you cannot use this to celebrate with clients whilst delivering your important message too. If there’s a royal wedding or a day of national interest, you can use this buzz to engage with prospects and start important conversations. Even a political event like an election can give you good reason to talk to your customers. Pretty much any social change can impact your client’s business, and a handwritten note could help them to prepare for this.

Automate Your Letter Writing

There’s no denying that the festive seasons are a busy time for everyone – including you! As you rush to make sales, meet deadlines and make enough commission to really enjoy Christmas this year, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is sitting down and hand writing two hundred letters. That’s where LetterBot can help.

It is now possible for you to automate the handwriting process without your clients noticing. They’ll receive a handwritten note signed by yourself, but you won’t be the one doing the writing!

Order a free sample letter from LetterBot now to see for yourself the premium quality of handwritten notes.