The power of hand-written communication in 2019

In a world rife with constant noise, it can be difficult to make your voice heard. Technology and the internet have transformed the way that we communicate with one other, taking away a big part of what made our communications personal.

Yet, amidst the clamour of smart phones, there are still options at hand for those of you wishing to truly engage. Handwritten communication is as old as man and offers something distinctively human between two individuals. Whilst it has fallen behind ‘smarter’ trends in recent years, this is the exact reason you should be picking it up again in 2019 and beyond. Breaking away from what everyone else is doing is one way to engage with other people in a way that encourages them to take notice. Let us explain…

Why Handwritten Notes Now?

Handwritten notes are an excellent tool for building relationships. In our digital world, they create a unique bond between each person. On a professional level, handwritten notes stand out from automated email marketing campaigns. They are a sure fire way to grab the attention of the recipient and to prompt engagement. What’s more, handwritten letters are far more likely to generate a response from a recipient. Whether that be from catching their attention or simply encouraging the novelty of writing their own handwritten letter, if you’re looking to engage, it could be your best option.

One of the reasons handwritten notes are so successful at capturing attention, is the way they encourage thorough reading. Whereas computer generated fonts are ideal for skimming and speed reading, handwriting is unique and flawed. Handwritten notes are often treated with far more care than their digital counterparts.  This makes sending handwritten notes a great way to ensure that your message is read and understood. Furthermore, the novelty of receiving a handwritten letter may be enough to warrant a second read. After all, when was the last time you found a handwritten note in the mail?

When it comes to special occasions, handwritten notes are unsurpassed. At a time when emotions run high and people are looking for a personal touch, a handwritten note will stand out strong against any digital communications. Whether it be a client’s birthday or well wishing for the new year, there is no better way to show that you care.

Automate Your Letter Writing

It can be difficult to find the time to write a handwritten letter. Especially if you are planning to send your letters to multiple clients on a regular basis. Before you know it, you could be surrounded in your own handwritten letters and your favourite fountain pen has run out of ink. This is where LetterBot can help you.

It is now possible for you to automate the handwriting process without your clients noticing. They’ll receive a handwritten note signed by yourself, but you won’t be the one doing the writing! Your clients will love the handwritten letters you send, and you’ll be free to get on with your own work.

Order a free sample letter from LetterBot now to see for yourself the premium quality of handwritten notes.