Welcome your clients to 2020 with a handwritten note

The new year marks the perfect opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on your business. You want to start the year off the right way, with clear business goals and potential new markets to reach. Your clients (both new and existing) are the most important aspect of your business. They should therefore be treated as such. What better way to welcome them to 2020 and get a leg up on the competition, than reaching out to them with a handwritten note?

What is a handwritten note?

Handwritten notes are far more than just writing on paper. They’re a symbol of how much you care about your clients. Unlike the way we process an email, handwriting forces our brains to slow down to read, so that we can fully comprehend the information. This is great news for your business. It means that your clients are more engaged and focused on your message. Kick off your client relationships the right way by engaging with them on a deeper level.

How handwritten notes stand out in 2020

Your business, like any other, is inundated with messages. You may receive marketing emails, leaflets, free brochures, business cards and much more. And guess what? So do your clients. In fact, almost half of all businesses out there are sending automated emails as part of their marketing campaign, and 78% of consumers unsubscribe from emails when they feel they’re receiving too many. Therefore, it’s a great idea when communicating with your clients to stand out and be different.

Your clients will appreciate being greeted into 2020 with a beautiful handwritten letter that really shows you care. What better way to cut through the digital noise than with one of the most traditional forms of communication? Your clients are sure to remember the business that sent them a handwritten note in 2020. After all, a handwritten note is the kind of thing they may be eager to share around the office, just for the novelty of it.

How can you find the time to send a handwritten note?

At this point you’re probably thinking about the time it would take you to write letters to all of your current and potential clients. Handwritten letters do take time and care, which is why they’re so well received. But there’s no need to schedule hours for writing into your calendar. Our LetterBot service takes care of all the work for you, leaving you free to focus on how to welcome your clients into the near year the right way. Our handwriting robots carefully crafts each letter in beautiful cursive handwriting that your clients are sure to love. On top of providing an ultra-fast turnaround, our handwriting robot promises perfect results. They will copy the message that you send to us word for word, leaving no room whatsoever for error.

Order a free sample letter from LetterBot today in order to see for yourself the premium quality of handwritten notes.